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 Families & Clans


The Boylan Clan Site

Clans Campbell also with excellent links to clans and history.

Clan Cunningham 

The Kingdom of Desmond Association

The Cassidy Clan       Information on the Cassidy Clan, including much research and illustrations.

Clann DubhGhaill - Clan Doyle            information on the Doyle Clan ... the 'dark strangers' or 'evil foreigners' ... distant relations of the Scottish MacDougal & MacDowell Clans, these are the Danish Vikings who settled in Ireland ... this site includes much Irish historical research and illustrations.

The Fagan Clan     No, Charles Dickens is not a member.

The Clan Kyle    Clan Kyle with lots of genealogical research and illustrations.

Clan MacDonald   One of Scotland's most famous clans.  Pictures of the castle and much more.

 Clan MacDonald in Australia

Clan MacGillivray .

Clan MacInnes   Excellemt site with many resources

Clan Maclachlan Society, Western USA

Clan MacNichol and Related Families together with a huge links resource

The Clan McCarthy  Kingdoms of Munster and Desomnd.  Current Chief of the Name

The McGarvey  Septs     A site for the Septs of the McGarvey of Ulster.

Clan McIntosh

The O'Higgins    The O'Higgins today, as in the past, are united in their desire to promote Ireland, Gaelic culture, education and the arts. As a Gaelic sept we also aim to further our genealogical research and fraternity among our cousins in Ireland and around the world.

The McKee   Origins and history of the McKee Clan.

The O’Brien Clan 

The O'Donoghue Society

The MacDermot Clan Association

The McGillycuddy of the Reeks

Ewing Family Association

The Teague Clan

Clan O’Carroll



Royal Calcutta Golf Club

Royal Dublin Golf Club

 Old Head Golf Links    One of the most incredible golf courses in the world in the place where it all began. We understand that golf was 'invented' in Scotland, not Ireland. (Nonetheless, the Irish have embarrassed golf as it is a Gaelic - not English - sport, and the Irish have gone on to establish some of the most prestigious golf links in the world. Because golf is a Scottish sport, the Gaelic Athletic Association of Ireland - the 'G.A.A.' - allow their members to play golf ... whereas GAA members are banned from playing 'foreign' (English) sports such as cricket.)

Dublin Horse Show

Point to Point, Irish Racing

Irish Wolfhound Society

Irish Terrier Club

Dublin Horse Show

Royal Irish Automobile Club

Royal   Cork Yacht Club   Oldest Yacht Club in the World!!!

Royal Irish Yacht Club

The Irish Masters of Foxhounds Association    While now outlawed in England, the Irish continue the hunting sport, and cater to a great many English traditionalists who jump the Irish Sea to continue the hunt.

St. Andrews Golf Club, Scotland   Possibly the most famous golf club in the world!

The Irish Red Setter Club    "The" club for owners of one of the world's most beloved dogs.

 Irish Wolfhound Society

Dublin Horse Show

Irish Water Spaniel Club



Gordonstoun School   see an History of the School, click below. The "public" school is known as the training ground of British Royalty and Nobility, being the school of HRH the Prince of Wales, who considered it a bit harsh.

 Ampleforth School one of the top 'Public' schools for the children of the social elite ... to see an history of the school, click below. The school's 'old boys' include European and other Royalty, famous military men (including the founders of both the commandos and the SAS), plus statesmen and leading politicians, as well as leaders in the Arts, noted academics, international sporting heros, churchmen, and medical research pioneers.

Stonyhurst School Another 'Public' school for the wealthy and noble ... to see an history of the school, click below. The school's 'old boys' include statesmen to sportsmen, and actors to archbishops. Seven alumni have been awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest military award for gallantry in the British Commonwealth.

Trinity College, Dublin    One of the most prestigious schools for "ex-pats" from around the world.

 University of St. Andrews

 Aberystwyth School    The Oldest Welsh University

 Royal Irish Academy of Music

Downside School

 The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Royal Hibernian Academy



Trees in the Woods    Our goal is to attempt to include ALL Family Trees that verifiably connect to our "Woods Family Tree" {Samuel Woods & Alice Rushton, both born in 1636} , that we know of today and tomorrow, whether through marriage, direct descent, or lateral connections...what ever we have, we will post, and as it grows, so will our website... After all, we're all one big happy family. Thank you to help us grow.

Hereditary Society of America     We live in an era defined by speed and convenience. In such a time, it is easy to forget the personalities, lifestyles, events and epoch deeds which forged, not only America, but modern civilization as we know it. The study of history and genealogy provides a mode of reflection and acknowledgement of the people, places and processes responsible for the lives we enjoy today. This is the heartbeat of the hereditary society community

Census Finder  a massive source for genealogical research, with many sources free.

The Stebbins and Sherman Families in Massachusetts   Two of the significant families in the history of central Massachusetts.  Genealogy together with mamy photos.  From the 16th Century in England to current, with photographs of many descendants from 1860 on.  From the Archive of the Monson Free Library and Reading Room, Monson, Massachusetts.

Humanities & History


The Irish American Heritage Center, Chicago

Irish American Heritage Museum, New York

Irish Museum and Cultural Center, Kansas City   Winner of the 2010 Noble Society of Celts Grant.

Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland

Royal Irish Academy     A site for research on all things Irish

Castles of Cornwall

Cornish and Irish Links   A compilation of Irish links, with many resources free of charge.

Cornish History & Current Events

Celts Organizations    www.Celts.Org   use this link for dozens of Celt-related sources, including Celtic music!

Welsh Interest

Homecoming Wales

The National Library of Ireland

Celtic History & Language    A great resource for all things Celtic in history.

The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

Chivalry & Related


The Augustan Society    Historical preservation is the primary function of the Society, through a variety of programs including maintenance of a library and museum, publication of scholarly materials, and the presentation of these programs as an educational venue for members, subscribers, and the public.

The Most Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem

The Military & Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem

Friends of St. Georges Chapel and Descendants of the Order of the Garter

 Order of the Dragon of Annam

The Order of St. Patrick, A History

Papal Orders and Links to Other Chivalric Orders

The Most Noble Order of the Garter & The Most Hnourable Order of the Bath

The Order of the Thistle



International Heraldry -   The best heraldic reference on the web, including much of the work of Fox-Davies  Complete details of the art of heraldry in brilliant colour.

Andrew Jaimieson Heraldic Artist

The Court of the Lord Lyon

The College of Arms, London

The American College of Heraldry      is a Chartered, non-profit body established in 1972, with the aim of aiding in the study and perpetuation of heraldry in the United States and abroad. Registrations are restricted by policy to American citizens or residents, as well as to others with significant personal or business connections in America.

Office of the Chief Herald of Ireland: Irish Heraldic Arms since 1932 See exemplifications of 215 Irish 'coats of arms', from the National Library of Ireland Collection.  The office of Chief Herald is currently vacant.

Office of the Chief Herald of Ireland - Grants of Arms See magnificent letters patent for Irish grants of arms, from the National Library of Ireland Collection

Social & Non Profit


The Principality of Tomania, Inc.    The society administers the gifts and grants of the Noble Society of Celts and is a 501(c)(3) chartered corporation, founded some 30 years ago by HRH Prince Tomislav of Jugoslavia, HG The Duke of Argyll, Chev. Roger Sherman and Mr. Rene Gonzalez. The current Chairman is HSH Ernst August Prince of Lippe

The Irish American Hall of Fame  Hsotiries and stories of famous Americans of Irish Descent

The Eccentric Club   Just as the name implies!

Royal Scots Club

The Ulster Reform Club

The Irish Club, London

The Scottish gentleman's club in London

Stephen's Green Hibernian Club, Dublin

Western Australian Club

United Service Club

Athenaeum Club

The Australian Club

The Adelaide Club

The Ancient Order of Hibernians in America    Link to the Order in New York State, with local activities and lintersting links to Celtic Sites

Federation of Cornwall Societies    Associated Cornish groups of the Ancient Duchy

The Western   Club

Singapore Polo Club

Irish Club, Brisbane Australia

Christchurch Club

Brisbane Polo Club

Durban Club

Capetown Club

The Rand Club

The Tasmanian Club