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Index to Links

On the next page you can find an extensive resource of links of interest to our members, including

 Families & Clans

Societies, Clans, Families and groups, including family histories and current activities.


The whole spectrum of sporting activities, many initiated by Celtic countries and groups.   Visit sites on fox hunting, racing, sailing, dog breeding and many others.


The world-famous schools, academies and universities that set the tone for fine education.


People and places that may be of great interest to our members as they dig for their roots.

 Humanities & History

Arts, culture and history reflecting the Celtic influence.

Chivalry & Related

A popular subject that includes some of the organizations with which our members are associated


A great site for heraldic reference including links to the most prestigious registries of arms, heraldic artists, and related subjects.   Some beautiful examples of heraldic art can be seen in these links.

Social & Non Profit

World famous 'gentlemen's clubs" and non-profit organizations of interest.